The department offers undergraduate programs in:

  1. Computer science
  2. Computer Science/Mathematics
  3. Computer Science/Physics
  4. Computer science/Statistics


We offer a taught Masters course which combine formal instruction with a supervised project that forms the basis of a dissertation. Our course offers a flexible modular structure with a wide variety of optional modules available that enable you to specialize in your particular areas of interest, though the program is a single program of MSc Computer Science. This structure also means that our courses can be taken on a one-year full-time or a one and half-year part-time basis.

The department offers the following postgraduate programs:

  1. MSc Computer Science
  2. Ph.D. Computer Science (area of specialization is dependent of supervisors)

Our Projects

Undergraduate: COS 472: PROJECT (6 Units)

Each student is expected to work on a topic approved by his/her supervisor. The project report must show the student’s understanding of the area covered by the topic, and must include appropriate program(s) with results. The undergraduate final year projects consist of the software and hardware applications of computing.


COS 591: PROJECT (6 Units): MSc Dissertation comprise a research work, seminar, and a software development

Ph.D. Thesis is a research work, seminar presentations, program development, and publications.

Industrial Placement

COS 372: Industrial Working Experience (4 Units)

Three months industrial attachment during the long vacation between the end of the third year and the beginning of the fourth year. A comprehensive report by the student must be submitted to his/her supervisor as soon as the fourth year begins.

Our Research

The department has four research groups:

  1. Theoretical Computing
  2. Computer Network and Communication
  • System Engineering

Research grants can be available on approval by the University.